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Our mission to engage, enrich and inspire through the power of films
comes to life in different ways:


Our dream is to create a distribution ecosystem that will grant filmmakers the economic independence they need to keep on creating. While exposing audiences from all over the world to new, fresh and provocative content.
We welcome both emerging and established filmmakers from all backgrounds because we believe in the power of cinema. The power to educate, unite and inspire growth.

Film festival

With more than 6000 visitors and almost 200 film professionals attending yearly, Nòt Film Fest, is one of the most impactful and industry-driven film festivals in Italy.
The festival's Official Selection includes more than 170 films from 40 countries.
Aiming to foster the career of the most unique and innovative voices in indie cinema, we bring selected films on tour, sharing their vision to audiences across Europe and the US.


Nòt is a community where we recognize the vision, art, and effort that goes into making an indie film.
But we also celebrate the joy of being movie lovers who are curious and want to think outside the box. Our goal is to contribute to a culture of mutual respect and openness, which means we welcome every human being and we encourage everyone to share ideas, thoughts,fears and accomplishments.
It starts with us and it ends...never!

Our live events & activities

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Noemi Bruschi
Head of Marketing
Gio Labadessa
Alizè Latini
Head of Programming

Our story

We started our journey together creating and organizing an amazing film festival held yearly in Italy, Nòt Film Fest. This experience gave us the opportunity to get to know the indie cinema substrate to a greater extent. There are innumerable, unbelievable movies out there that never get the chance to reach a wide audience so we thought that we had an amazing opportunity and we seized it. Nòtstream is an ode to indie filmmakers and a love letter to film lovers.
From our headquarter in Venice Beach, California to your home, we wish you a good navigation of the platform and enjoy the show!